THE ROYAL SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCE SOCIETY  The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society -   General Information 
Patron: Her Majesty Queen   Elizabeth II  . . . . . . . President: The Earl of Mansfield
TAC TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION (CANADA) has information about TAC sponsored activities including Summer School, TACSound and TACBooks.
DANCE DATA It is first, a collection of information on various aspects of Scottish Country Dancing. 
ARDBRAE DANCERS The Ardbrae Dancers of Ottawa is a non-profit, volunteer organization that promotes Scottish Country Dance and Music in the Ottawa region, founded in 1964. 
ATLANTA Contains information about ongoing classes in the Atlanta area, upcoming socials and workshops, RSCDS membership, and links to related sites. 
BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK Binghamton Scottish Country Dancers and Ithaca Scottish Country Dancers
BOSTON The RSCDS Boston Branch holds classes throughout greater New England.
*BURLINGTON Royal Scottish Country Dance Society - Burlington Ontario Branch
CINCINNATI Contains information on classes and events in the State of Ohio and the Ohio valley region
*HAMILTON The official site of the Hamilton. Ontario, Branch of the RSCDS with information on classes and events in the Hamilton area.
*KINGSTON The Kingston Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society had its beginning in 1967.
*KITCHNER-WATERLOO The KW Branch has been active since 1960.
*LONDON, CANADA Their Golden Jubilee Weekend was an excellent highlight for the Branch as they celebrate their 50th year of being a RSCDS Branch.
*MONTREAL The RSCDS Montreal Branch is a Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS).
NEW JERSEY The New Jersey Branch holds classes open to all who are interested in Scottish Country Dancing.
NEW YORK METROPOLITAN Scottish Country Dancing general interest page for the New York Metropolitan Area.
*OAKVILLE Oakville, Ontario, Scottish Country Dance Group.
*OTTAWA The Ottawa Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society was founded in 1966.
PITTSBURGH RSCDS Pittsburgh website
ROCHESTER An e-mail  link to information regarding dance classes in Rochester, New York
SAN DIEGO Scottish Country Dance in San Diego
SAN FRANCISCO The San Francisco Branch of the RSCDS has a membership that  
covers the San Francisco Bay Area from Santa Rosa in the north to Monterey in the south.
SEATTLE Website of the Seattle Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
*ST. CATHARINES St. Catharines, Ontario, Area Dance Classes and Events
*TORONTO Royal Scottish Country  Dancing Society Toronto Association
VANCOUVER The Vancouver Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society has almost 400 members.
*WINDSOR Welcome to Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Branch Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
* Contributors to the Souhern Great Lakes Conference



JAMES SENIOR - USA Scottish and Irish Country Dancing Shoes and Highland Dance Shoes from St. Andrews Shoemakers
MACLEODS SCOTTISH SHOP Authentic Scottish knitwear, hats, jackets, kilts and accessories. Located in Stratford, Ontario.
THE SCOTTISH LOFT Hundreds of Scottish products, British videos, tons of British food and candy and a tremendous assortment of British and Scottish gifts. Located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.
PRESTON PIES A great selection of British Favourites from Meat Pies to Empire Cookies. Fresh baked daily! Located in St. Catharines, Ontario.
THE BRITISH SHOP A family owned and operated business, offering service to customers around the world. (originated in Buffalo)
TACSound They sell Scottish Country dance music CDs and videos.
TACBooks They sell Scottish Country dance books.




R.S.C.D.S. EDINBURGH The Society has some 170 local associations of members around the world.
STRATHSPEY SERVER Links to Scottish country dances
INTER CITY SCOT The Inter-city Scot Web Pages about Scottish Country Dance Events
SAN FRANCISCO'S LINKS Links to Interesting Dance Sites
NATIONAL FOLK ORGANIZATION A national network of many areas of folk dance and related arts.
GRAND CHAIN Grand Chain is a set of resources for Scottish Dancers the world over.

Brief Scottish Country Dance Notes

SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCE DICTIONARY List of RSCDS books by the number with links that will take you to a page with links to the dances (in that book) for which a Minicrib or Maxicrib has been written. Plus much much more!!




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